Month: June 2019

he term fanfiction or fan fiction, often abbreviated fanfic or simply fic, refers to fiction stories written by fans of a film, novel, television program, or any other literary or dramatic work. In these stories, the characters, situations, and environments described in the original story are used, and new roles are developed for these characters. The term fanfiction refers as much to the set of all these stories as to a specific one, according to the context.

Before 1965, the term fanfiction was used among science fiction fans to refer to writings made by fans published in fanzines, as opposed to professionally published writings. This use is now obsolete.

The idea of taking back the creative universe of another’s work (characters, rules of the fictional universe, main plots) and developing them beyond the original is as old as the literature itself. Thus, classical literature is plagued with continuations and adaptations, such as homeric sagas (based on the Odyssey and the Iliad) or revisions of the Oedipus myth by Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus.

In modern literature, apocryphal continuations of successful works abound. For example, both Lazarillo and Quixote had anonymous continuations, as would later Alice in Wonderland or Sherlock Holmes’ stories. However, unlike contemporary fanfictions, in these cases the continuators were authors with artistic and/or economic pretensions, which most of the authors of current fanfictions lack.

In their present form, that is, as a generally brief story written by a fan and not by a professional writer, fanfictions are a 20th century phenomenon. The first ones that were produced, retaking the universe of the television series Star Trek, were published in fanzines such as Spokanalia.

The reduction in printing costs, and above all the appearance of the Internet, meant a great advance for fanfictions.

In fanfiction, amateur authors seek to expand the world and situations shown in their favorite base material, be it a novel, film, anime, film, television series or other. The topics covered range from romance to adventure, comedy, action and others, as well as combinations between these in the largest and most complex stories, often composed of multiple chapters.

Many amateur authors even use fanfiction as a way to learn skills for novel writing. Many writing techniques can be easily applied from fanfiction and it’s a great easy way to get into writing novels if it is your first time. One of the easiest paths to self-publishing is often fanfiction which is why so many young writers pick it up.

A considerable part of the fanfiction world revolves around romantic or sexual relationships between characters, usually those not dealt with in the original version and often described in explicit detail. In addition, within the fanfiction referred to relationships, a large percentage is made up of homosexual relationships, with couples formed by men being the most common.

Types of fanfics

Most of the fanfiction structures have names in English, and usually also an abbreviation (e.g.: H/C as an abbreviation of Hurt/comfort). Some of these types of stories are:


Fanfics that describe and focus on the emotional suffering of its protagonist. Fanfics are often known for their angst works.

Crossover (X-over)

Crossovers mix two or more different series. In it, characters from different works interact with each other.


A drabble is a story that as such should have no more than 100 words. However, in this definition, writings of between 100 and 500/600 words are already allowed. Much of the fanfiction on Commaful fall under the drabble category.


A vignette is the intermediate term between a One-shot and a drabble. They are usually more than 500 words but less than 1000, since more than 1000 is already considered as a One-shot.

Fluff and Warm and Fuzzy Feeling (WAFF)

The fanfics fluff and WAFF (short for Warm and Fuzzy Feeling, something like “fluffy, warm feeling”) are romantic stories with a happy ending, which aim to induce this kind of comforting feeling in their readers. Wattpad has many of these.

Hurt/Comfort (H/C)

In this type of story, one character is physically or emotionally wounded, and another or the same character (usually the one who will end up being your romantic interest) must “repair” that damage by offering understanding and tenderness.

One Shot

Short fanfics of more than 1000 words that last a single chapter.

Real People/Real Person (RP)

A variant of fanfiction are stories about real people. They are usually public figures such as actors, singers, politicians or other famous faces, on whom fictitious stories are written but inspired by their personal life (real or imagined).


Fanfic Song, a short fanfic inspired or based on a song, more specifically the lyrics of a song, this type of fanfic shows some scenes from a story according to the lyrics of a song. Either just a few verses in the middle of the fanfic; the whole song, dividing the fic into different parts and giving more consistency to the story; or select a part of the song, and line by line go interspersed with the story.


Fanfic Garbage, a kind of short fanfic and generally meaningless. They are extravagances and madnesses of the author, ideas of the moment, most of the times with a plot without sense, and even, in some cases with a nonexistent plot.

CrackFic (CF)

Considered by some as a variant of SpamFic, specific situations of books, films, or real experiences of famous people are taken as a parody, which is mostly related as a Drabble or One~shot in content. Situations are also created that are not necessarily based on the original plots and are deliberately nonsensical although consistent with the original plot and the characters’ personalities.

Alternate or Alternative Universe (AU)