Starting a Story with a World

Starting a Story with a World

One of the ways that you can start the perfect story is by creating a world and then coming up with the characters and the story to fill it. J.K. Rowling did this to a certain degree, although she came up with Harry Potter before starting on the rest of the world creation. In order to use this world to inspire your story, you need to know how to build a world from scratch. We will look at several steps that you can use to build a world that will allow you to weave story in your fictional environment.

Determine Whether Your World is Reality-Based or Pure Fantasy

How to Start a Story — 1984

When you build a world for your story, the first thing you have to decide is whether your world is going to be based upon the real world around you or whether it is going to be something that is pure fantasy that you come up with yourself. If your world is based upon the real world, then you don’t have to do is much world building as far as the location goes, you may still have to do work for organizations or groups of people that exist within your fictional world.

Decide What Sort of People Live in This World

The people that populate your world are just as important as the direction that the sunsets or the mythical animals that exist there. In fact, the people that live in your world are going to be the best indicator for the type of world that you are creating.

Determine How the Nuances of Your World Will Affect Your Characters

Understanding how your world will affect your characters will change a great many things within your story, for example, if you are creating a world based upon reality, but in your world the government is trying to cover up aliens and will kill anyone that threatens that cover-up, your characters are going to react very differently than if they think otherwise.

Think about What Kinds of Stories Will Take Place in Your World

Building a story within your world is easier once you know what kind of stories can take place in your world. This has a little to do with the genre that you are writing in, but it has more to do with the types of stories that are suitable for the world that you’re creating. Spy novels and unicorns usually do not go hand-in-hand, but if you can make that work it might be completely awesome.

Figure Out How the Uniqueness of Your World Will Affect Those Stories

If you know what kinds of stories you are going to tell then think about how a unique world that you create is going to affect the stories that you come up with. This will allow you to start thinking of story ideas which is exactly what starting with world creation is supposed to do. A good world can inspire a terrific story if you let it.

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