Self-Publishing Through Smashwords

Self-Publishing Through Smashwords

There are a few different platforms out there for self-publishing. By far, the most popular self-publishing platform is Kindle Digital Publishing, also known as KDP. But there is another platform that people use called Smashwords that has some pretty big advantages as well. We’ll be looking at Smashwords closely in this article. Choosing the right platform is important, because it will determine how your book is distributed. Of course, you can choose multiple platforms in most cases, but some are more restrictive than others.

What is Smashwords?

So, what is Smashwords exactly? Smashwords is a place where you can post your book and sell it within their online catalog. Because of the way that there website is set up, the more active you are on the site, the more chances there are for people to discover your books. In addition, people can get notified easily whenever you publish something new, and this can be a terrific way to make money. Smashwords pays you real money every month or so when someone buys your books, and you can build a fairly decent income just on the site itself. But Smashwords has a lot more to offer than just listing the books on their site; they also have comprehensive distribution program that can get your book out there in the world.

How Smashwords Can Distribute Your Books

Smashwords is terrific when it comes to book distribution because they have so many channels that they are partnered with. When it comes to getting your book out there, they are one of the best choices you can go with. Of course, the disadvantage here is that if you use them for your distribution, you’re going to be able to distribute to everyone except Amazon. That means that you’re going to be missing out on the biggest retailer for books. But that may not be a problem if you are willing to list your book on Amazon yourself. You just have to be careful about ensuring that you do not enroll in the Kindle Select program, because Amazon requires that you use only them to list your book if you are part of the Kindle Select program. There are some definite advantages to being part of that program, so you will have to decide whether or not it is worth it.

Why Smashwords is Effective

This website is so effective at distributing your books because they get them out there quickly, as fast as the other platforms will publish them, and they do all the conversion work for you so you don’t have to worry about whether your book is available in a certain format. In addition, people can buy the books directly from Smashwords in whatever format they desire as well. That means that someone can go onto the site with their device, no matter which device they have, and buy your book in whatever format that particular reading device can use. This makes Smashwords one of the most versatile platforms out there for self-publishing.

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